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Узнать стоимость перевозки arrow Awning, articulated lorry with trailer, from 15 cubes to 110

Cargo transportation: Awning, articulated lorry with trailer

Awning-articulated lorry: load-carrying ability up to 22 tones. 34 Euro/ pallet
Dimensions: 110 cubic meters, length 7,5 meters, width 2,43 meters, height 3 meters – 54,6 cubic meters. Trailer length 7,5 meters, width 4,3 meters, height 3 meters- 54,6 cubic meters
Dimensions: 120 cubic meters, length 8,1 meters, width 2,43 meters, height 3,05 meters – 60 cubic meters. Trailer length 8,1 meters, width 2,43 meters, height 3,05 meters- 60 cubic meters
Purpose: Transportation of light and measurement cargo, all-round loading. Loading and unloading, at the same time in two places. Cargo transportation for different customers, including articulated lading. Transportation with two seals, with unloading in different countries.
Transportation geography: these kinds of lorries are ordered from Italy to Moscow, from Austria to Moscow, from Turkey (for textile) and other cargo to Russia and Uzbekistan.

Transported cargo:  transportation of textile, sheet wadding, foam rubber, carpets, waste paper, components for furniture and other non-dangerous cargo. Shoes, furniture, tires, foam plastic. Heat insulating materials, hygiene products, sandwich panels. Polypropylene pipes. All light and measurement cargo and goods.

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