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For ensuring carriers’ facility, Riatec S.R.L. company transmits information openly: Free cargo     from direct customers. Offers for cargo transportation are received from Turkey, Greece, Romania, Byelorussia, and Europe every day; customers from Romania offer cargo to be transported to Russia, Lithuania, Finland and other countries.

The organizations that fabricate their own production turn to us to ensure the delivery-transportation of goods from Moldova to Russia, Tajikistan and Armenia. Companies from Italy and Spain apply for the transportation of goods and other products by tautliners and refrigerators. There are orders from Germany and Holland to carry goods to Moldova.

More than ten motor transportation companies from Moldova, Romania, Byelorussia, Italy, Armenia, collaborate with our firm. Riatec S.R.L company widens information gathering about gods, attracting new customers, and values the existent customers. The data concerning the transportation and goods are available to all the carriers and shipping companies. Just give us a call and you will receive information about cargo.

RIATEC company represents a transportation-shipping control center that engages great logistic and control companies from European and CIS countries. It offers information about goods to the customers, it provides effective loading for carriers from Moldova, Romania, Ukraine, Russia and Portugal.

Our managers-coordinators offer goods

You can find data concerning goods in the Free cargo If necessary, “S.R.L.RIATEC»company ensures advance payment for the carriers on the territory of Turkey, Moldova, Poland, Lithuania and Germany.

FINANCED FREIGHT TRAFFIC. Let’s imagine that you are a carrier and you have a transportation and orders for carrying goods; we make use of credits, as all the carriers do. The transportation, technical maintenance, the regular expenses for obtaining permissions, the money kept by the driver for tripping, looking after the loading – unloading processes, and ensuring the qualitative transportation from different countries need financing. For all these actions money is tight. What is happening: the car starts tripping, and the carrier has no funds. Our transportation-shipping company has elaborated together with a great consulting company a cargo financing system. This means that all the transportation operations made by companies according to our agreements –applications have the opportunity to be financed if necessary, and they are further able to fulfill any transportation or delivery from the country from which it is necessary to transport goods calmly. In order to receive an advance for cargo transportation, the carrier shall apply to us for transportation, he will present data about the amount needed for ensuring the uninterrupted trip of the driver due to the lack of money. Our company, together with the carrier and with the consulting company, will determine the amount, the terms for receiving it, and the term for returning the funds received. If you are interested in the facts described above phone at 691 07853.

RIATEC company offers the following services to the carriers – the continuous search of goods for export and import and it acts in the majority of cases as the representative of the carrier, protecting his rights and interests, exempting the carrier from the problems of discussing with fastidious customers.
The carrier is liable for CMR insurance, RIATEC will ensure it, optionally, for all the duration of cargo transportation. RIATEC company will grant in the majority of cases an advance, realizing qualitative shipping operations

Our customers are many carriers from Moldova, Romania and Russia, Baltic countries and other states.

Trust the dispatch of your transport to young and active managers. Save you money and energy.

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