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dlia_gruzovl2.jpg  RIATEC Forwarding Company represents and protects the interests of cargo owners, rendering high-quality services related to choosing and finding the transport suitable for automobile cargo transportation.
- RIATEC Company offers constant transport finding services in exporting and importing directions to the cargo owners ordering transportation, and acts as a representative of a cargo owner in most casts, protecting his rights and interests, so that the cargo owner’s company is free from troublesome dealing with carriers, and also makes an advance to the carriers in order to transport cargoes in a qualitative way.
- The carrier’s responsibility shall be optionally insured by RIATEC Company for all the cargo transportation period.
Do you need transport, or are you in search of a vehicle equipped with a tent, refrigerator, or any other kind of transport?
If you are ready to place an order, our specialists will help you calculate the expenses related to cargo transportation. To order any kind of transport, fill in the transport order blank, indicating the country, specific traits of the cargo, the transport you need, and you contact information.

- A great number of cargo owners from Moldova, Romania, Russia, the Baltic states, and the other countries are our customers.
- Let young and active managers dispatch your cargo. Save your time without having to worry.
- Our responsibilities include providing you with the necessary transport in due time, controlling loading and delivery, and promptly informing you. 
- We provide individual approach to every customer, taking all his interests and requests into account.
- Free consulting on a constant basis.
- By signing constant service contracts, you will entrust the issues in question to our care. 
- High-quality service is the professionals’ work.
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