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Cargo transportations from Romania

Transportations Romania (Craiova)
- Uzbekistan (Tashkent)
Transportations Romania (Bucharest)
- Moldova (Chisinau)
Transportations Romania (Timisoara)
- Romania (Chelyabinsk)
Transportations Romania (Brasov)
- Kazakhstan (Astana)
Transportations Romania (Constanta)
- Belarus (Minsk)
Transportations Romania (Iasi)
- Kyrgyzstan (Bishkek)
Transportations Romania (Pitesti) - Turkey (Ankara)
Transportations Romania (Oradea)
- Italy (Milan)
Transportations Romania (Bucharest)
- Kyrgyzstan (Bishkek)
Transportations Romania (Pitesti)
- Tatarstan (Kazan)

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Ordering the delivery of cargo from Romania in our company you:

The delivery of cargo from Romania – is a direction, on which we successfully are working in the course of several years. We have established good and lasting relations with other auto-carrier companies from Romania, we know very well all nuances of the cargo transportations from Romania.
Accepting your order for cargo transportation, we already know all plan points, based on which the cargo transportation will be carried out. Firstly, will answer to all your questions and will make clear the obscure moments which you have, secondly will help to execute all necessary documents for the cargo transportation or for the insurance of cargo, thirdly will organize the search of the cargo and will present all the necessary information about cargo – the forwarding services – is one of our main directions in our activity; if it will be necessary will contact our partners in Romania, who will help to deliver the cargo; we will organize the tracking and the control of the cargo transportation motion, keeping you informed.
The most difficult thing in cargo transportation is to choose accurately the carrier.
“Riatec” Ltd has acquired, long ago, the reputation of a reliable partner on the cargo transportation market. We created the most optimal conditions for delivering the cargo from different European countries and you can make sure of this. The cargo transportation from Romania will take place at the highest level.