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Transport for carrying dangerous cargo ADR

Dangerous cargo transportation:  load-carrying ability up to 20 tones
Purpose: the transportation is carried out by any mean of transport, only with special permissions and with additional equipment for the driver, by which is determined the Classification of dangerous cargo ADR. While loading the cargo, the driver is checking the documents, where is indicated that cargos is ADR and the category of danger. The transport, which you’ll order, has the permission for transporting cargo of all categories of danger, each driver having the permission for transportation and the necessary equipment.
Transportation geography: Our personnel’s principle is never refusing someone. We fulfill orders regardless of country, city and cargo.

Transported cargo: paints, lacquers, easy inflammable products, technical oils and lubricants, medicines, cosmetic sprays, particulate pollutant and other cargo from this category. All kind of cargo, classified ADR dangerous.

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