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Transport, forwarding services for cargo transportation

Cargo transportation from Moldova. Transport order from Moldova. Transportations Moldova, Russia, Europe, Kazakhstan.
The goals of the forwarding company “Riatec” Ltd Moldova, Chisinau, consist in offering transport services in the whole range, including: admitting the preliminary information about cargo, what the customer would like to foresee while transporting his cargo, coordinating legal and technical aspects while concluding the request-contract for the given order, drawing the appropriate documents, contracts, and custom execution, etc. Our specialists in international transportation domain calculate the optimal route for transporting your cargo, recommend you the transport mean, which best suits your type of cargo. 
You need an available transport , qualitative transport services ?
“Riatec” company will become your integral business partner while discussing the aspects of cargo transportation and the quality of its carrying. The dispatch of transportations, offered by out transport company will help you to organize efficiently and productively your work, and to plan your activity in the whole and to be independent from the unnecessary aspects concerning the organization of transportations.
The forwarding domain, nowadays, became an integral component of the global infrastructure and part of all the production processes, related to production, trade, sales planning and organization.
Our specialists in the forwarding domain will take care of all the work on organizing qualitative the transportation, with the guarantee will deliver your cargo in any point, with any needed mean of transport.
Becoming our customer (partner), ordering our transport services , you will feel that the cargo transportation by auto transports with our forwarding company from Moldova has a range of priorities. Regardless the global economic changes, such as permanently changing prices on fuel, changes in the administration sector, in different economies, edicts and documentations for custom executions, we continue to transport cargo. 
At this moment, we registered an increase of the orders from Russian companies. This fact indicates that Russia is not so exposed to the economic changes, and this means that the Russian companies, producing high demand goods, will work steady and will keep the development trend, consequently the cargo transportation will always be demanded.   
Carrier companies from Russia, today, as well, have a more loyal price policy for the transportation services . This means that the Russian system of international transportations is more flexible than the transportation systems of other countries. We can mention, also Romania - its development and mild laws towards its carriers, and Romanian legislation for transportation. It is easier for Romanian carriers to work in international transportations. They have permission for all countries.  CEMT – authorization is issued practically for all cargo vehicle.
Besides, auto transportation of cargo, with different means of transport, such as transportation with awning semitrailer, 90 cubes, up to 21 tones, awning, articulated lorry with trailer, from 15 cubes to 110-120 cubes, refrigerator  with thermograph (with temperature control in the body ) -18C + 10C, 86 cubes, 20 tones, container truck – container, 20 foot, 40 foot, automobile transporter, megatrialers  and transportation of oversize and dangerous  cargo, the carrier company “Riatec” is considering the delivery and cargo transportation by : maritime, air and railway transport.
“Riatec” company prizes its customers. We offer qualitative services on cargo transportation, and a range of other forwarding services . Our company is offering to its customers the guarantee of cargo safety, services of carrier liability insurance and insurance on the transported cargo. Company’s personnel is qualitatively and carefully is carrying out the order of transportation and concluding the request-contract, in which will be stipulated all the conditions about liabilities, duties, in accordance with the standards.
We bear all responsibility for transporting your cargo, responsibility for safety and wholeness of the transported cargo, goods. 
If you want to use the transportation services , offered by a forwarding company, think, that you need guarantee and quality; you need an experienced professional cargo transportation company, discussing on individual conditions and development of the optimal route. Does it worth to apply to private entrepreneurs, to single carriers and inexpert forwarders, without any guarantees, on the offered services, if there is our company “Riatec” Ltd?
We answer for our services and guarantee you fast and reliable cargo transportation, offering you the whole range of transport services . Company’s personnel is reliable and highly professional in the forwarding activity.  
While delivering, carrying, and transporting cargo, there is appearing a multitude of small and large problems. Our company’s professionals –dispatchers have a big experience in dealing with different problems without any delay. Logistic managers are carrying out the cargo transportation with a high level of quality and responsibility. We apply and individual approach to each of our customers, a flexible and negotiable price policy allows us to fulfill different orders on transportations. 
The cargo transportation is starting with identifying the cargo, its value and its invoice price; afterwards with a special attention we choose the transport. We comply with the customer’s desire, the transport is ordered at the best carrier companies from Moldova, Romania, Russia, and Bulgaria. We have contacts with carrier companies from Europe, Italy, Bulgaria, Lithuania, Estonia, Poland, Turkey, which meet all the norms of the euro-standard class and the specific character of the cargo. We determine the optimal route, satisfying all the needs (criteria) of the customer.
Logistic manager controls the route, starting from loading until the unloading, the transfer of the cargo to the customer-receiver, our representative is tracking the cargo movement, and daily is presenting the information about the cargo location, to the customer or payer.
While organizing import-export cargo transportations, entering Moldova’s territory, our company is undertaking the custom execution of cargo, if this service is needed. Our company is paying the additional guarantee for the cargo transit in Ukraine, if the cargo price is exceeding the sum of the custom transit payments and TIR is not covering these expenses, our company is financing some transportations, prepaying carriers. This additional service is our peculiarity, distinguishing feature on the cargo transportation market. The main question is which are the directions of our company?  
If some companies are transporting in some narrow directions, then our transportation geography is quite large and multilateral. European countries: Italy, Spain, France, Slovenia, Croatia, Belgium, Holland. Scandinavian countries: Finland, Norway, Denmark, Sweden. All CIS countries, Russia, Asia states, Turkey, Greece, if take into consideration such countries as Poland, Byelorussia, Ukraine and Romania, you operate in these countries and the cargo from these states. We transport on long-term contract to Russia, Ural, Siberia cities, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Turkmenistan and Azerbaijan.      
While carrying out the consolidated transportation, a multitude of goods are transported and stocked in the warehouses of consolidation cargo in Europe: Germany, Italy, Baltic states: Lithuania, afterwards in the capacity of general cargo or assorted lading, these goods are arriving in Moldova or other country, which is destination point of the transported cargo. If it’s need a contact with the representative of customer for the cargo receiving, and the necessary documents on the country’s territory of sending cargo, our managers, possessing several foreign languages, will contact, in  order to avoid different unforeseeable situation and qualitatively to  receive the cargo for transportation, and in time and qualitatively to delivery it at the receiver’s warehouse.          

Cargo delivery is carried out in time, in accordance with the stipulated date, and the request’s conditions. Our company is dealing also with the urgent cargo delivery. The priority of working with our company was appraised by many small and large companies, which occupy a stable position on the production market, and sellers of industrial consumption goods and products for population. We transport different types of goods and cargos: products for population, building materials, sanitaryware, household goods, furniture, and foodstuff. We carry also frozen vegetables, meat products, confectionary, equipment for particular stores and large industrial companies, factories and plants. Our company has a flexible price policy. The price is set in accordance with the fulfilled works. The real price for qualitative fulfilled work – this is our main criterion, in setting the price for cargo delivery.

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