Awning platform Yumbo , volume – 100 cubic meters

Transport for oversize: load-carrying ability up to 22 tones. 34 Euro pallet and more
Dimensions: Trailer with “broken line” frame. Dimensions of platform, length 4,4 meters, width 2,45 meters, height 2,7 meters. Dimensions floor, the lower part of trailer: length 9,2 meters, width 2,45 meters, height 3,15 meters.
Purpose: Transportation of oversized cargo, measurement cargo
Transportation geography:  Transporting cargo in any country, at request, fast, medium-priced, qualitative. Russia, Europe

Transported cargo: tractors, combines, barrels, industrial cisterns, industrial cargo: lathes, equipment for farmers, equipment for stores, glass cases, textile in rolls and boxes, transportation of trucks, cargo with different height up to 3 meters.

Transport order