Cargo transportations from Latvia

Transportations Latvia (Riga)– Moldova (Chisinau)
Transportations Latvia (Balvi)– Ukraine (Kiev)
Transportations Latvia (Daugavpils)– Germany (Frankfurt)
Transportations Latvia (Madona)– Poland (Poznan)
Transportations Latvia (Ventspils)– Finland (Helsinki)
Transportations Latvia (Riga)– Kazakhstan (Astana)

The forwarding company “Riatec” Ltd has acquired, long ago, the reputation of leader and reliable partner on the international cargo transportation market. We tested tens of different routes in all Eurasia and found the most reliable, time-saving and secure paths. One of the directions, on which we successfully carrying out cargo transportation in the course of several years, is the delivery of cargo from Latvia.
Cargo transportations from Latvia, carried out by our company – is a reliable, efficient and professional process,  due to the fact that we have a long experience in the international cargo transportations, and a responsible approach to each order and a accurate control of the delivery of cargo. You can be sure, that your cargo from Austria will be safe and sound and in time delivered on the destination station. In each situation we calculate everything on several steps ahead – this is the key of our success in delivering cargo from Latvia.

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