Transportation services order

How properly to place an order for cargo transportation?
How properly to choose the carrying company? Who is accurately organizing the transportation, where and which company is providing the best transport, qualified forwarding agent. Which transport is the best for transporting your cargo? Our forwarding company is offering you the solution on organizing the cargo transportation. Where to find qualitative transportation services? Which company will undertake the organization of the whole range of services on the transportation of your cargo, without making extra-expenditures? On which details you should pay attention while communicating with the forwarding agent, who is promising you to find transport and organize the transportation. Which factors influences on transportation price, service quality or negligence of forwarding agent, the peculiarity of your carried cargo or other inexplicable factors?
How not to overpay and not to be worried for you transported cargo? To whom you can trust, when it is needed to organize the transportation of assorted lading or partial cargo. We offer you new and qualitative services for transportation order. The order for transportation, or the price calculation, can be done via Internet, on-line. You do not need to come to us, spending your precious time. After receiving your application on-line, you will be contacted by our specialist and he will answer to your questions, and if it is needed he will come to your office. He will recommend you the necessary variants for concluding the request-contract for transportation, discussing the details of the transported cargo. If you ordered, in this way, the transport, you are receiving daily from our forwarding agent the information, about the motion of your cargo. Specially for your cargo there will be developed a route, and organized qualitative transport and determined the real price. You will pay for the cargo transportation, after the delivery of cargo, being convinced that you cargo arrived in time and in qualitative conditions.
The most important is that after you concluded the contract, no one claims extra money for some oversights, driver’s mistakes or transportation organizer errors. You as a customer do not bear responsibility for incorrect cargo distribution in the body, you are not obliged to track the load on the lorry’s axis, for which the driver can be penalized, and he can ask to pay the rest for this. Everything concerning the loading, unloading and control over the accompanying documents on the cargo, is the responsibility of transporter and carrier. The driver is obliged to control the articulated lorry on the road and on parking areas and to track the quality of transportation. The integrity of the cargo on the road is the responsibility bore by the carrier company.
You are not obliged to pay carrier or transit due, payments for transit declarations. You as a customer must not overpay for TIR execution and for the loading of cargo in the unloading country. In our company all payments are discussed immediately and are included in the transportation price. Forwarding agent job in our forwarding company is not limited only to the signing of the request-contract. A competent forwarding agent must know permanently where and when the cargo will be at the point of destination and to inform about this the customer. The smoothly track of the car on the road and timely problem solving – this is the main aim of our managers. On-line order allows you to save your time and money, and allows us to foresee all details and manage the transport motion.

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