Cargo transportations from Greece

Transportation Greece (Patras)– Moldova (Chisinau)
Transportation Greece (Larissa)– Ukraine (Kiev)
Transportation Greece (Thessaloniki)– Kazakhstan (Astana)
Transportation Greece (Patras)– Lithuania (Vilnius)
Transportation Greece– Kyrgyzstan (Bishkek)
Transportation Greece– Russia (Moscow)
Transportation Greece (Athens)– Tajikistan (Dushanbe)
Transportation Greece (Athens)– Turkmenistan (Ashgabat)

Ordering the delivery of cargo from Greece in our company you:

  1. Are appealing to competent specialists in the logistic domain, in the science of law and forwarding services, ready to advice you in any question.
  2.  Are concluding a contract for delivery of cargo from point A to the point B, and from now on we are bearing the responsibility for the cargo
  3. Are controlling the way of the cargo transportation, according to the made plan, keeping in touch with us
  4.  Are appealing to real professionals, which can fulfill their job.

The cargo transportation from Greece is a process which consists of different and multitude of components, which should be taken into consideration – of the changes in the custom code and international legislation, to the notification about the reparation of a certain autobahn and the weather forecast for the given region. Only taking into consideration meticulously all these factors, the process of cargo transportation will take place in safe, qualitative conditions and without hitches. Our specialists possess will the necessary skills and bear responsibility, so that the delivery of cargo is carried out smoothly, running as an efficient mechanism and in the end you will be satisfied with the work which was done.
While transporting your cargo from Greece , we willl take into account, calculate and discuss absolutely all questions and details, so that our collaboration will take place at the highest level. You can trust the company “Riatec” Ltd.

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