All-metal semitrailer. Isothermal body, 90 cubes

All-metal semitrailer. Isothermal body, 90 cubes:  load-carrying ability up to 22 tones, different volumes from 50 cubic meters up to 90 cubic meters
Purpose: This kind of transport has a metallic rigid, but at the same time light body. It is used for transporting expensive cargo, moisture-sensitive cargos, cargo in boxes, for transportation on coat racks (ready-made clothes), furniture and other consumption products. Cargos which do not require freezing, high-cost cargo, cargo which requires attention to the quality of the transported expensive cargo. All-metal semitrailer is used with devices for transporting clothes on coat racks for keeping the form of the expensive clothes.
Transportation geography: The rule of the forwarding company is to fulfill any order, to deliver the cargo, and assure the transportation.
Transported cargo: Wine in bottles, drinking water in bottles for sale in stores, some type of foodstuff, clothes on coat racks, furniture, musical instruments, home appliances. Finished products for immediate consumption.

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