Cargo transportation with refrigerator + 10C - 20C, 86 cubes

Refrigerator: load-carrying ability up to 20 tones. 33 Euro/ pallet
Dimensions: length 13,6 meters, width 2,4 meters, height 2,6 meters
Purpose: Cargo transportation with the temperature in body from +15C to -20C. The vehicle is equipped with an installation for maintaining a temperature regime from -30C to +30C, with thermograph, which allows controlling the temperature of products on the way.
Transportation geography: cargo transportation from Poland, Romania to Russia, from Bulgaria and Turkey to Baltic states, Moscow, Sank-Petersburg, all cities from Russia, we are transporting any cargo from Moldova to Europe and backward to Moldova or Romania.
Transported cargo:  meat products, fish products, canned food, medicines, flower delivery, mineral water delivery, beer delivery, dairy products, cheeses, sausages, foodstuff, which requires temperature regime; frozen vegetables, frozen fruits, grapes and fresh fruits transportation, spirituous and non-alcohol liquors. For foodstuff transportation it is required the sanitary passport for the semitrailer.

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