Price and calculation for transportation, transport order

What is necessary for an accurate, fast, inexpensive, and qualitative organization of the cargo transportation in Europe, Russia or other countries?
How to order the cargo transportation , which mean of transport is needed for the international transportation ?
In order to assure a successful transportation, from cargo owner-customer, it is needed: in the beginning to determine that he needs a cargo transportation , afterwards to apply to our forwarding company and understand that we, during the transportation, and further, will become partners.
We will accept your order by phone, discussing a range of questions concerning the cargo, then, receiving such data as: the price of cargo, weight, volume, we will offer the necessary transport, and afterwards we will conclude the contract on transportation. You as a customer must be interested in: is the transport reliable, which route will be chosen, which is the term of cargo delivery, who is bearing responsibility for cargo on the way.
We propose you to let us take care of these and other aspects. We bear all responsibility while delivering the cargo: selection and the supply of transport in the loading day. Insuring the transported by agreement. Compulsory liability insurance of carrier, CMR insurance. Our carrier is controlling the cargo, receiving cargo qualitatively and on quantity, distributing it in the body, in order to avoid overloading, and count all cargo. The control of the cargo movement and announcing, this is our duty. We will announce you in advance about the cargo arrival. The transfer to the receiver’s warehouse, CMR confirmation, with the receiver’s notice about cargo receiving.
All questions are solved. After this you pay for the transportation. This is in case if you applied to us.
The company is practicing an individual approach to all our customers; we have a flexible price policy. Our prices correspond to the market average prices on analogical services. Meanwhile the level of services corresponds to high standards. The prices for cargo delivery on all directions are flexible and competitive. Our goal is ease you from finding the transport, track it on the way, communicate with the driver, customs, solve difficult situations on the way.
Trust to the professionals to deal with your problems on cargo delivery and we will deliver your cargo qualitative and under your control.

For price calculation on the transportation we offer you to choose the country from CIS states , European countries and require the freight price.
A reliable partnership with carrier companies, and a large and regular volume of the transported cargo, allows us to offer the optimal prices on transportation. For permanent customers we develop individual tariffs.
We collaborate with companies and organizations from different domains: production and foodstuff delivery, furniture plants and stores, en-gross and retail chains and other.
For permanent customers the payment is carried out according to the fact of fulfilled work during 3-5 days after the invoice submittal.
For new customers – prepayment on the ground on prepayment invoice, which is submitted on the ground of the request, sent by the client. The transportation can start, after submitting the copy of payment order.
To find out the price of transportation; to receive concrete information about when specific international transportations will take place, and to calculate the tariff.
You can do all this, filling in the form .

Transport order