Transport for carrying assorted lading, from 200 kg.

Assorted lading:  load-carrying ability from 200 kg to 22 tones
The transportation is carried out by any mean of transport, by beforehand planned transportation, determination of the consolidated stock, or regular stock of the sender, the cargo nature and place of its finding. For these cargos, our drivers independently, will take care of custom executions and will draw the necessary documents, declaration and invoices.
Transportation geography: the leader of the assorted lading transportation is considered to be Europe and Russia, but we receive orders from different countries, Turkey, Italy, Spain, Switzerland.
Purpose: transportation of partial cargos, among assorted lading, fast and efficient mode, transportations of cargo in small batches. This is saving customer’s money.
Transported cargo:  1 Euro for pallet, 2 Euro for pallet, cargo in boxes, small sized equipment, all kind of assorted lading transportation , excepting dangerous and oversize cargos.

Transport order